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Single Family Intercoms

Viking E-30

The E-30 hands free phone is designed to provide quick and reliable hands-free communication and can be connected directly to a C.O.line or analog PABX/KSU station. The E-30 features non-volatile memory, a built in dialer, and intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up when the call is completed. The E-30 can be programmed to dial up to 5 different numbers on ring no answer or busy and can be configured to dial these numbers until answered.

Doorbell Fon DP28IT Door Answering System

When door intercom is pressed, your house or office phone will ring, and simply picking up the phone allows you to converse with the door intercom. Handles up to 2 door intercom stations

Our Guarantee

At Intercom Chicago, we guarantee quality and efficiency in our products and repair services. Our dedication to providing assurance is indicative of our claim to excellence, and we will work with you to insure that your experience with our intercom services is unparalleled.

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