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Chicago Intercom Installation

Our technicians are proficient, diagnosing the operable intercom system for your home and business, and providing a swift and efficient installation process. The typical intercom installation consists of a master station at a convenient location, several indoor substations and an outdoor substation. Depending on the strength of the walls and/or the presence of existing wiring, wireless systems can be utilized if necessary to avoid complications. These wireless systems are affordable and effective and can run on AA batteries. Our technicians will provide you with accurate information regarding the dependency on either wired or wireless installation.

All parts of the built-in-system, including the master station are inherently thin, so that they can be situated directly on a wall in holes cut or drilled into the wall space. The master station is designed to fit sufficiently in the space between the wall studs. If a wired setup is preferable, all wiring is effectively hidden by routing it through the wall and along under floor joists. Typical installation requires only a phone wire and dialup or a broadband connection.

Our Guarantee

At Intercom Chicago, we guarantee quality and efficiency in our products and repair services. Our dedication to providing assurance is indicative of our claim to excellence, and we will work with you to insure that your experience with our intercom services is unparalleled.

Our technicians and installation team provide:

  • Easy to operate, efficient intercom systems
  • Durable, long-lasting products with weather resistant outdoor systems
  • Swift and considerate installation process
  • Clear performance sound and quality, without the egregious annoyance of feedback
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Professional Grade Intercom Installation for Commercial and Private Residences Serving the Greater Chicago Area and its Surrounding Suburbs.

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